The Chicago Jazz began in 1987, as the Jazz Babies under the direction of Coach Lisa Darken. With a Team of 22 skaters, the Jazz Babies began their climb to perfection and in 1991 became the U.S. Figure Skating Bronze Champions in the Intermediate Division of the U.S. National Precision Championships held in Anchorage, Alaska. The Team kept growing and in 1994 earned entry for all four divisions (80 skaters) to the U.S. Figure Skating National Precision Team Championships in Providence, Rhode Island. Every year since then, the Chicago Jazz has been represented in the U.S. National Championships. 

In 1996, the Jazz Babies merged their precision skating program with the Rolling Meadows Rockettes Precision Ice Skating Club. This new family of over 160 Skaters, representing 8 divisions, became known as the Chicago Jazz Precision Ice Skating Club. Utilizing skating facilities in Rolling Meadows, Park Ridge, Buffalo Grove and other Chicagoland communities, the Chicago Jazz has established themselves as a National powerhouse.

The Chicago Jazz Synchronized Skating Teams are members of the Chicago Figure Skating Club, which belongs to United States Figure Skating (U.S. Figure Skating).  Synchronized skating includes teams of 8-20 skaters performing a program to music while executing intricate synchronized maneuvers and formations. Our training program includes ballet classes, on and off-ice conditioning, coaching in presentation and expression, nutrition, counseling and team building.  The Chicago Jazz is supported by a volunteer parent organization that assists in planning and implementing club activities and fundraising opportunities.