You’ve reviewed our site, perhaps even asked a few questions and your skater would like to join one of the Chicago Jazz teams.  So what’s next?

Tryouts are held in March or April after the Synchronized Skating National Championships. The exact times and dates will be posted to the website and on our FaceBook page.

General auditions are divided by age group. There will be sessions for skaters 11 and younger and sessions for skaters 12 and older. A skater may be directed to more than one level and may change levels during the audition process.

After evaluating everyone that presents for a tryout, the coaches determine the level for which a skater qualifies; their decisions are based on US Figure Skating rules, skater ability, and needs of a particular team.

All skaters are notified by mail of their team selection. Traditionally, letters are mailed after the Rolling Meadows Ice Show, in the beginning of May.  With that letter you will also receive information about a mandatory commitment meeting scheduled for each team in May or June. You will receive a commitment packet in the mail which will include a list of items to bring. At the meeting we will distribute practice schedules, costs, travel, competition information, apparel sales, etc.