We believe that we have the best skating coaches of any team - bar none.  They have an amazing amount of coaching and skating experience and we thought that you would like to learn more about them.

Lisa Darken

Lisa was the founder of Jazz Babies, one of two predecessors to Chicago Jazz. She serves as our Skating Director and this year is the Head Coach for both the Junior and Intermediate teams.

Paula Bischoffer

Tammy Cervone

Kathy Dussel

Kathy has been coaching for the Jazz since ----------. This year she is the Assistant Coach for the Intermediate Team.

Mary Lou Erickson

Kristi Frank

Carol Gohde

Michelle Strepka

I have been coaching synchro for 9 years and this is my 4th season with the Chicago Jazz. I currently am coaching the Pre-Juvenile team; for the past 3 seasons I coached the Synchro Skills team. I was also a skater on the Jazz and am happy to now be a Jazz coach!

Mike Andrews

Mike has been a trainer specialist for figure skaters for the past 40 years and has been the Jazz off-ice coach for the past 16 years. He is the Head of Professional and Program Development for Right Fit Sport Fitness and Wellness.

Fury Gold

Fury is certified in Progressive Ballet Technique and shares it with her students in every class, educating and challenging them to continually improve their technique and abilities. In addition to working with the Chicago Jazz, she works regularly with figure skaters on the National and Olympic teams.